Laptops Repair

Laptops are convenient to carry and can be used almost everywhere. You don’t have to tie up to a desk.

But did you know your laptop is more prone to damage than your desktop computer?

Laptops are exposed to a harsh environment and therefore are more likely to show faults. Overlooking these faults can cost you a great deal in the future. Don’t take a rain check on these repairs and do it as soon as you can.

Sit back and relax

Because at Technonics Solutions, we only choose highly experienced and skilled technicians to make sure that your laptop repairing is done perfectly. We value your time and money and only have the best services to offer.

Our most common laptop support services include:

LCD screen replacement

Dark screen or broken screen, we give the fastest and the most affordable repair and maintenance.

Data discovery and Data transfer

We offer specialized data recovery services for your data loss at highly competitive prices.

Overheating and cooling repair

The fans in your laptop can get clogged due to dust or dirt and cause failure in the fan system. We can repair and replace fans for long term reliability and better performance.

System power problems

The power problem in your laptop is an entirely different world. Power boards of some laptops are irreplaceable whereas some have their power boards joined right to the motherboard. This can be confusing and fearsome. But don’t worry, our technicians know it all.

Virus, spyware and Trojan removal

We know how harmful these viruses can be and it can damage your entire system from deep within. Relax, we can remove any vicious software in your laptop and give you complete security of your personal data.

System optimization

Needless files and software can make the performance of your laptop sluggish. We help you to get your laptop running fast and make necessary repairs to optimize your system.

With our expertise, most repairs are done comparatively faster and in a cost-effective manner. We render the most friendly customer support services and always have your best interest in our mind.

Why choose us?

Do you crave for the lightning-fast performance of your computer?

We wish the same for you and this is why we put forward our exceptional repair services that can get your computer back to its glory days. Scanning your system, pinning down the issue and troubleshooting it is just how our process works. We neither charge unreasonable price nor do we make our customers wait. Our goal is to offer quality service and gaining customer satisfaction along the way. Don’t just take our word for it and try out our services to know better.