Notebooks Repair

Notebook is a lightweight and thinner version of a laptop with less processing power. It has a smaller screen size and less inner components than a laptop to make it more compact. Notebook is specifically designed for web browsing, watching movies, occasional gaming and is famous among people who are big on social media.

As notebooks are so easy to carry around, they are more prone to hardware damage than a desktop computer and require careful treatment. However, accidents are a part of life and if your notebook has fallen victim to one such accident, we can give you a hand.

The speed of your computer totally relies on your processor. More powerful the processor, faster your system will run. Any small glitch in your CPU poses a big threat to your computer.

Don’t panic. Here at Technonics Solutions we have expert in house technicians who will not only diagnose the issue but will also come up with a solution. You can reach out to us if you need any of the given services:

  1. LCD screen repair or replacement.
  2. Motherboard repair or replacement.
  3. Battery replacement.
  4. Upgrading or replacing Hard Disk.
  5. Charger repair or replacement.
  6. Data recovery.
  7. Virus and spyware removal.

Well, our services do not end here. Think of any mishap that can happen with your notebook and we will surely have a solution for it.

Why choose us?

We support a wide range of services and plans that will fit your need and pocket. Whether you need hardware repair or a software repair and upgrade, we can do it all. Whatever the problem might be, we will bring necessary solutions at your disposal.

With years of experience, there is not any issue that we have not stumbled upon. So the next time you think of getting your notebook repaired, you know who to call.